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I'm here to share and showcase some of my tech related personal projects. I particularly enjoy trying to explain the things I've learned through the curse of autodidactic misadventure, as I'm a firm believer that the best way to learn is to be able to teach. There is always room for growth, so my email is open for suggestions (because help is always appreciated), corrections (because I know I'm not always right), and opportunities (because there's always more work to be done!).

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About Me

As a lifelong geek and nerd (I stake a claim in both), I've always liked the description of Jack of all Trades. I am a feverish autodidact by nature, self motivated by a desire to thoroughly comprehend. As a consequence of these attributes, I have become adept at climbing learning curves efficiently and repeatedly. If I could claim a single field of specialization, it would be in the ability to learn new things.

I've worked in construction for most of my life and have learned a wide variety of trades. I've also been a glassblower, making production pieces in a shop, making art in my own time, and teaching the craft to shop apprentices and personal students. I enjoy videography and photography as hobbies, as well as 3d modeling and animation. Any artwork you see on this site is made by me unless otherwise credited.

Currently, I am looking to transition into a new career in cyber security. I am CompTIA Sec+ certified and am eager to add to that list with whatever direction I end up taking. Security has been a primary and constant interest of mine since first reading Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon and Snow Crash in high school. The breadth and depth of Stephenson's maximalist prose appealed to my desire to understand as much as I can, and inspired me to learn more about ciphers, public key cryptography, and the foundational principles of security. At the lower levels of security, there are countless puzzles to unravel that require ingenuity, problem solving, and perspicacity. At the higher levels, the concepts can be applied to a surprising array of real world issues ranging in scope and impact from political strife to social dynamics. For someone like myself who constantly seeks the next learning curve to climb, security has been a limitless fount from which to busy my mind.

In the wild west days of the early internet, the state of security was much more loose but also much more forgiving. High value targets as they exist today were a rare encounter. Physically isolated data vaults transitioned into cloud availability. The protection of information subsequently became a constantly evolving endeavor. As the technology changes, the requirements of securing it change as well.

This is the field I would like to devote my geeklyness to.

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